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account_box   Basic Subscription

Basic Features
  • 2 minutes per recording
  • Up to 1080p Video Quality
  • Up to 30 FPS Video
  • Up to Medium Quality Audio

stars   Infinity Pro Subscription

PLAN PRICE: £3.99 per month
PROMOTION PRICE: £1.99 per month

Use code

at checkout
Get 50% off the first two months!

Pro Features
  •   All features under the basic subscription
  •   Boosted to 20 minutes per recording
  •   4K Recording Quality
  •   60 FPS Smooth Video
  •   High Quality Audio
  •   Priority Support

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    For example: If you pay for your subscription on the 20th of each month, and you cancel the subscription on the 24th - you will still continue to receive Pro plan benefits up until the 20th of the next month.

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