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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions for Infinity Screen Capture. If your question cannot be answered by any of the below, please contact us here.

Is the screen capture tool free?

Yes, it is completely free to use. We also offer an Infinity Pro subscription at a low monthly price which enables higher quality video / audio capture and longer recording times.

For more details on the Infinity Pro subscription, please log in and check out the Infinity Pro Upgrade Page

Is there a time limit on screen recordings?

Yes, there is a 2 minute recording limit for free users.

Infinity Pro users get this boosted to a 20 minute recording limit.

Does the screen recorder capture audio?

Yes, you can check the "System Audio" option in the capture settings of the screen recorder. This will then make the "Share Audio" option available when clicking the "Select Screen" button. Note that this check box must be ticked to enable us to capture audio from your system.

Can I download my recording when finished?

Yes, when the recording is complete the "Save Recording" option will become available - just click this and you can download your recording like any other file.

Does screen capture work in any web browser?

The screen capture tool will not work in all browsers, for optimum functionality and reliable recordings we recommend you use Google Chrome or Edge

Why is my browser lagging during recording?

This issue also surrounds saved recordings not playing or come out as a black screen - if you are having this issue too then read on.

This is due to Hardware Acceleration being enabled in your browser, specifically Chrome and Edge browsers (chances are you are using one of these). Unfortunately this setting comes enabled by default so you must turn this off in your browser for the screen capture to work properly.

For full functionality and issues surrounding saved recordings, please follow the how to disable hardware acceleration guide to disable hardware acceleration.

What should I use to play my saved recordings?

We strongly recommend you use the VLC Media Player as this will be able to play all of the possible video formats Infinity Screen Capture allows you to record in.

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