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Infinity Screen Capture

No Software Downloads Required!

Experience a free and easy to use screen recorder all from the comfort of your own web browser, capture your content in high resolution 4K and crisp high quality audio.


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Pure Online Screen Capture

Tired of downloading software onto your PC to record your content?

Infinity Screen Capture can record your PC screen and audio without you having to download any software at all - it is done all in the comfort of your own web browser! Simply select your screen, do your recording and then save the recording to your PC.

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Flexible Recording

We provide different ways of recording; record your entire desktop screen, specific application window or a single browser tab. Audio recording choices include; system audio or a microphone, or both at the same time!


Record up to 4K, 60FPS video quality and record your desktop audio in high quality.

*Higher quality features require Infinity Pro subscription


You can use Infinity Screen Capture on both Windows and Mac devices.

*Recommended Google Chrome or Edge for full functionality

Start recording your screen today

Start recording your screen and audio from the comfort of your own web browser

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